Apache Ant Library for JAVA by Apache (Overview)

Introducing JAVA Ant

Ant is a library for java programming language developed by Apache Software Foundation (ASF) written in JAVA. It is mainly used to develop .NET software that also includes the old .NET tasks like a C# compiler. You can build the java based application using Ant library. But it can also be used to build the non-java application like C/C++.

Who knows Java ant library can develop their own readymade “antlib” for both either commercial or open-source. Because of its extreme flexibility does not impose coding conventions or directory layouts to a Java project.

The Ant Project Overview

Software Category: Build Management
Written in: Java Programming Language
Working Environment: Microsoft .NET building, Java Application Dev, C/C++
Developed by: Apache Software Foundation

Importance: If you want to develop Java-based Application you should learn Ant library. It will be needed in many cases while developing applications. In many cases, Java ant is the must. It also ensures the most flexibility while developing software. We highly recommend learning ant library if you work with JAVA.

Why Learn Ant

Although there are numbers of build tools like Make, gnumake, jam, nmake and others then why I should learn ant? Because all traditional build tools like gnumake have many limitations and those are shell based. But ant is mostly XML based. That is most flexible than writing command on the shell.

Ant Tutorial Overview

Learn Ant with simple and easy steps. In this seris of tutorial we will learn in deapth about apache Ant library. Explore the next topic by clicking the next button to drive into Java Ant library. It’s free

Learning Index Overview

Installing & Configuring Ant

  • System requirement for installing ant to a specific OS type
  • Getting Apache Ant to local computer
  • a-z Apache Ant installtion guide
  • Developing and Building Ant
  • Ant Dependencies & Issue
  • Configuring proxies for Ant

Running Ant & Creating a sample makefile

  • Running Apache Ant for first time
  • How to Create a Sample makefile that actually works

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