.91 File Extension

What is .91 file Extension

Have you got a downloaded a file with dot 91 file extension? If you want to open this file, first of all, you need to know what kind of file it is.

.91 file is a File that contains DPI display font developed and maintained by Ventura Publishers. This file used in the old operating system such as Microsoft doc Mac OS and Linux to display font and now about discontinued and not used by any operating system. However, file extension with dot 91 can we store other kinds of the file used by another program. if you know something like please let us know.

Name Description
 File Type  dpi display font
 Developer  Ventura Publishers
Category  Systems
 Status  Discontinued, rarely used
 Opens with  Click to see

How to Open .91 File

The best way to open a file with .91 file extension is by double-clicking on the mouse. The file should be open smoothly if the associated program is installed properly on your system.  Sometimes a file cannot be opened directly from the media browser or File Explorer. It needs to open and run the associated program first and then browse the desired file (ex: example.91) file and double-click on it to open.

If you are unable to open a file with .91 file extension, your system may not have installed the associated program correctly. You may try to open it through plain text editors such as Notepad or Notepad++. In this process, you can see either plain text information or unformatted text file in the text editor.

Programs that open .91 File

Depending on your Operating System Install the required software applications and try to open .91file.

Operating System Applications
Microsoft Windows
  • Unknown
Mac OS
  • Unknown
  • Unknown