.9.png File Extension

What is .9.png File Extension

9 .PNG file extension is a drawable image file used by Google Android and supported in the Google official  Android SDK software (Android Application Builder) used to create the user interface(UI) for an Android Application. The NinePatchDrawable image file is often created with Draw 9 patch tool that can be found on Google Android SDK software. Generally, Android developer uses this tool and this file for creating the user interface. it is very portable because this file is automatically resized depending on the screen size of an android phone.

 File Type Nine-PatchDrawable Image
 Developer Google Android
Category Software Image File
 Status Active
 Opens with Click to see

.9.png File Example

9.png file is nothing but it is a picture format with an extra feature rather than standard image format. As already said, it is used to create the user interface of Android software by drawing mouse click drag and drop. And the drawable image and layouts are saved in .9.png format and this file can be opened with Android SDK.

This file has a specific location to be saved in Android SDK. The default location is res/drawable/.  But you can customize the location as you need.

9.png File Extension For Android SDK tools
9.png file in Android SDK

How to Open .9.png File

In Android SDK import any png image and click the right button on the mouse. Then from the options select Create 9-patch file. A text box will appear, give your desired file name and then click Ok. The file will be saved with .9.png file extension. Now double click on the file. The file will be opened with your workspace. And it is ready to make a user interface for your android application. Have fun!

Programs that open .9.png File

Depending on your Operating System Install the required software applications and try to open .9.png file.

Operating SystemApplications
Microsoft WindowsAndroid SDK
Mac OSAndroid SDK
LinuxAndroid SDK