.1st File Extension

.1st file Extension

The file that ends with .1st extension is known as Readme file.  This file type is not commonly used. Instead, the 1st file extension the .txt extension file is commonly used nowadays for the readme or readme.txt file. A readme file basically merged with a software product or any digital product and that contains an instruction file or user manual. The merged file opens before running the product on your computer for the first time.

 A technical and physical product also contains a readme file. But in this case, the readme file is printed on papers. For example, if you buy a television you will be provided a readme or user manual book that will contain how to operate the television.

Another file extension (.md file extension) also used for readme files. GitHub uses .md file extension for readme files.

Name Description
 File Type Readme file
 Developer N/A
Category Text File
 Status Fairly used

.1st File Example

Readme files are basically bundled with a software product or any kind of technical digital product. The .1st extension based file contains absolute text describe a product using method. Check the link given below. It is a readme file hosted on GitHub describes a simple java game installation process.


How to Open .1st File

.1st File type is actually a text file. So you can use any advanced text editor to open a README.1st file. Using a text editor you can edit the file as well. You can also use advanced text file viewer to open the file.

Programs that open .1st File

Depending on your Operating System Install the required software applications and try to open .1st file.

Operating Systems Programs
  • Microsoft Notepad
  • Notepad ++
  • Any other advanced Text editor/viewer