Top 10 free CMS for your wiki based site

Wiki Concept

Wiki CMS(Content Management System) is a type of Content management system that every people can edit and post content or article on the site. is a good example. Fortunately, there are many open-source wiki CMS exist on the web that you can freely use and distribute or you can use for any legal uses on the web. Maybe you have a specific topic to create a wiki-based automated site for your own. Obviously, it is a great idea. But you have to know how to succeed with a wiki-based site. 

Ok, as you want to create your own wiki-based site. There are many options for you to use wikis software. Then, in this case, many questions will arise in your mind, which CMS I will use? Which will be the best wiki CMS? Which will be more SEO friendly? Don’t worry. I will give down the top 10 wiki-based sites used on the most wiki-based site.

I collected these information from a rating system site on CMS. 

Top 10 wiki CMS’s

PHP Based

  • Wikimedia: The Wikimedia CMS for the wiki is an Open Source Software Foundation Wikimedia Foundation. You can Download the CMS from here – It is the just CMS that use. After installing the software on your site, you can easily customize the software for your need either look or functionality. There are thousands of free Plugin for the software available on the Wikimedia official site. Learn the resource from that site.
  • Docuwiki: DokuWiki is an Open Source wiki CMS for the light website. Its structure and functionality are so easy and light but very powerful. After installing this software on your server you can customize it for look and function if you know CSS and PHP. This software fully is written in PHP programming language. You can download this software from here –
  • phpWiki: The another PHP based wiki CMS is phpWiki. This web apps fully are written in PHP and available for free download. It is also an Open Source Software. Especially, phpWiki has a nice UI (User Interface) that really so flexible. Download phpWiki from here –
  • User press: Another free wiki software is user press also written in PHP language. This software runs on Worlds leading Blogging engine WordPress. You can freely download from here – download

Python Based

  • Localwiki: Localwiki is a Powerful CMS based on Python Programming language. It is actually the best software for you sever to use. Download and Try localWiki from here –
  • Zwiki: Zwiki is a Zope-based GPL wiki engine. It can integrate with the content management framework Plone and supports several kinds of markup and WYSIWYG HTML editing. This engine is written in Python Programming language. Download Zwiki from here – Zwiki/
  • MindTouch: MindTouch is an open-source application that began as a fork of MediaWiki; it has a C# back-end and a PHP front-end. Download MindTouch from here – 
  • XWiki: XWiki is an open-source Java-based wiki engine with a complete wiki feature set (version control, attachments, etc.) and a database engine and programming language which allows database-driven applications to be created using the wiki interface. XWiki Written in Java Programming Language. Download XWiki from here –
  • Zoho: Zoho Wiki is an easy-to-use knowledge management tool for teams. This software also is written in Java Programming Language. Download Zoho wiki from here – 
  • TiddlyWiki: TiddlyWiki is an HTML and JavaScript-based server-less wiki in which the entire site/wiki is contained in a single file. Its really looks like a magic. Try TiddlyWiki today. Download freely from here –