.0 File Extension

What is .0 file Extension

0 is a link file (File Extension)  used by M3 DS real Multipurpose gaming engine for the game Nintendo DS. It is used for the game presets and predefined template when the DS Nintendo game is opened for the first time the something.0 file is created automatically and it stores the game’s music, video and others file directory from the hard drive in the game. It is actually used as a cartridge like a regular game cartridge.

When the DS game opens,  the 0 file extension file refer the media and other types of file and information that’s are needed to run the game as a directory and say to play and show on the screen.

Name Description
 File Type  DS Real Save File
 Developer  M3
Category  Game Files
 Status Active and used by M3
 Opens with  Click to see

How to Open .0 File

Likes all other files the 0 file cannot be opened by double-clicking on the mouse because it is just a presets file for the DS game by M3. As already said, it is game preset and configuration file generally known as game cartridge and predefined template for the game.

Although you can although you cannot open the file by double-clicking on the 0 file. You can open the file from the game as a template that is widely known as the game level. However, you can try to open a 0 file in a rich text editor. It may display the stored file and instruction directory.

To open a 0 file you can use the embedded device the data can be sent from a computer to the M3 DS Real System via a USB cable or Micro SD if supported.

Programs that open .0 File

Depending on your Operating System Install the required software applications and try to open .0file.

Operating System Applications
Microsoft Windows
  • Transfer to an M3 DS cartridge
  • Can’t be opened by Windows itself (Requires proper software installed)